Owner's Manuals

TruckFridge Owner's Manuals

Owner's manuals, like socks, seem to disappear without notice and are never to be seen again. Have no fear, we have them here for you to download. There are links for both the portable model refrigerators as well as the built in models for commercial trucks. If you have any further questions not answered in the owner's manual, please contact our offices during normal business hours. 

TB51 Indel-B Portable Refrigerator Freezer from TruckFridge- Owner's Manuals page

TruckFridge Portable Refrigerator Freezer Owner's Manual- Click Here

TF49ACDC TruckFridge Refrigerator Freezer- Owner's Manuals page

TruckFridge Built-In Refrigerator/Freezer Owner's Manual- Click Here