From time to time we have the opportunity to offer some of our refrigerators that have scratches, dents, dings or have been refurbished, but are otherwise still full of life. As they are fully repaired and tested, we will offer them here. We hope you get to take advantage of these opportunities!

These items are refurbished/re-manufactured units. TruckFridge products meet all OEM quality standards and the same specs as required by the truck manufacturers. We stand behind our products. So, if it says TruckFridge, it means you aren't just getting the refrigerator, you are getting top quality and outstanding customer service. (NOTE: NOT FOR BOAT/MARINE APPLICATIONS!  NOT TESTED OR CERTIFIED BY ABYC OR US COAST GUARD.  WARRANTY VOID IF USED IN THESE APPLICATIONS.)

The pictures shown here are representative examples. Pictures shown are the model type and size, but may not be the exact model purchased/shipped to the customer. All refurbished models sold on our website will have some cosmetic issues. Minor scratches on top and sides that are not visible when installed in the truck cabinet. All parts tested and replaced as needed. Product comes with 1 year warranty. Does not come in original packaging. Will be shipped and packed in an alternate brown shipping box.



TB51 Indel-B Portable Refrigerator Freezer from TruckFridge
TB41 Indel-B Portable Refrigerator Freezer from TruckFridge


Put this portable refrigerator/freezer in any vehicle! Cars, trucks, SUV, van. Big trucks, small trucks, everything! If you are traveling and want to bring your own food you need this fridge! It cools, it freezes, it's spacious. It can be yours! Note: Item shown in the pictures may not be the exact item received. Dimensions and look are the same, but items such as labels or scratches may appear different. 

Real Refrigerator/Freezer, not a cooler
Great for traveling, camping and all outdoor activities.
Portable, top opening
6 month product warranty

Item Dimensions 13 3/4" W x 20 1/2" H x 23"L

Storage Space 2.0 cu feet

Nominal voltage DC 12-24 Volt / AC 115-230 Volt / 50-60 Hz